Kyle Schmidt

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Old Sun

Old Sun:: S//T

Nathan Booth:
Drummer extraordinaire, likes cheese steaks with lettuce and tomato, owns many cymbals, worships the devil, hair longer and more luxurious than your mom's, stayed for the booze- left for the metal, moved to Boston to record bands in the black forests of New England. He was our first and we love him.

Greg Labold:
Cave child raised by wolves, prefers beef jerky and bright colors, likes the slow jam, a fine dancer, like zoro he often wears a mask and carries a sword.

Dan Angel:
Our lovely grunge-o-rama baby, hair longer and more luxurious than a valley girl's and a sweeter voice to boot, eats seaweed, plays large drums, wants to live in a glass house underwater protected by sharks

Darian Scatton:
Have you ever seen that animated film about the mouse that lived with
benjamin franklin and was REALLY the one behind all of benjamin's great
inventions and discoveries?......well if this band were benjamin franklin,
darian would be that little mouse.

Andrew and I
Eat drummers for breakfast.