Kyle Schmidt

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Vampire Cat

Vampire Cat:: Play Live
Vampire Cat:: Eat Rocks, Chase Butterflies
Vampire Cat:: Visceral Gut. Despondent Shit.

Too young to be accumulating all of these birthdays. There's like hundreds now, while in my mind I am still sixteen or so wondering about growing up, enchanted by beer, dressing myself, a lean wolf ready to devour the wilderness of america, leaving scrabble and kickball and christmas behind. But now the rock and roll dream is a lost balloon. And I'm an ant in another burnt out backyard same as the neighbors. Wilderness -whiskey, I've already escaped from one maw, scratching out teeth for dicks and bitches. Now on my birthday I'm painting a door sash and suddenly washed in feelings of goodwill to all people. People I have neglected for months because I am dysfunctional and should probably never speak out loud. These are people I should call, people I should talk to and hold onto. But after work I am a shit again. I buy my birthday beer and watch television. We will write new songs someday. Punks not dead.